Galla Theodosis is a French artist, working and living in Norway.

After graduating from an MA in Fine Arts at the Haute Ecole des Art du Rhin, and working primarily with photography and print, she focused on sculptural forms and installation works involving glass blowing and hot glass sculpting. Glass and its essential qualities – plasticity, transparency and ability to diffract light are at the heart of her work, as well as the material’ symbolic significance. The combination of glass and other materials and techniques enhances these characteristics. Using light, contrast and depth, her work invites the notion of space, while playing with different dimensions. Recurring themes include flora, Vanitas, the notions of memory, emotions and the bonds they create through time and space.


Photo credit : Anett Haukås


2022 Espace Hedberg-Torun, International Exhibition : Glass is Biotiful III, Biot (FR)
2020 Glasmuseum Lette — Ernsting Foundation. Lette (GER)
2019 S12, Young & Loving. Bergen (NO)
2019 STARworks, Firefest. Star (NC) USA.
2018 Conservatoire de la ville de Colombes, Glass Biennale. Colombes (FR)
2018 – 2019 Musée/Centre dʼArt du Verre, Aujourdʼhui & demain : La jeune garde du
Verre Français. Carmaux,Tarn (FR)
2017 July Summer Staff Show, Pilchuck Glass School. Stanwood (WA), USA
2015 Museu Do Vidro Da Marinha Grande (POR)
Museo Del Vetro, Murano (IT)
2014 Finnish Glass Museum. Riihimaki, (FI)
Fundacion Centro National Del Vidrio. Segovia (ES)
2013 International Glass Biennale, Espace Hert. Strasbourg (FR)
2011 Être et Devenir, Demeure Sellier. Cogolin (FR)