Vaisselle Liturgique : exposition des prototypes à la Cathédrale de Strasbourg au mois de Septembre

galla theodosis cath install

Here we are! The exhibition is all set and the new chalice is now in operation since the 6th of Septembre. My protype and Elise Grenois‘ are exhibited in the North transept, under the magnificent altar of St Pancras, until the end of the month. We’ll be presenting our works live on the occasion of the European Heritage Days on the 19th & 20th of Septembre. More info about these presentations to come!

Ça y est! L’exposition à la Cathédrale est désormais installée et le nouveau calice est entré en service après sa bénédiction le 6 Septembre. Mon prototype et celui d’Elise Grenois sont donc exposés dans le transept Nord, sous le superbe autel de St Pancrace, jusqu’à la fin du mois. Nous présenterons nos travaux au public à l’occasion des Journées Européennes du Patrimoine, les 19 & 20 Septembre. Plus d’infos à suivre!

Going to Venice for Acqua Alta // European Glass Experience // Meeting Nicola Moretti

Galla Theodosis murano 2015

Following my selection as a finalist for EGE Glass Contest, I went to Murano in order to meet with glass-master Nicola Moretti, who will be producing my piece, Acqua Alta. So glad to meet with him and discuss the possibilities and technics to create the piece, and to have a sneak peak on Murano’s backstage. Looking forward the Openning, rendez-vous on April the 17th in Museo del Vetro, Murano!

Galla Theodosis giudecca 2015

murano museo vetro

Millenium of Notre Dame de Strasbourg

Galla Theodosis Cathedrale Strasbourg

Millenium of Notre Dame de Strasbourg

Liturgical dishes proposal, 3D created by P. Rabil

(2014 – 2015)

On the occasion of the millenium of Notre de Dame de Strasbourg, the Cathedral launched a contest within the Haute École des Arts du Rhin to create exceptional liturgical dishes. The proposition was developed in reference to the Cathedral’s specific architecture : the chalice is composed of an inner mirror polished metallic bowl inserted in a  tainted cristal bowl set in a metallic structure alluding to the famous lace-like frontage of the church. The other pieces of the set display the same characteristics in a simpler manner as transparency is accepted for their use, unlike the chalice.

Galla Theodosis Cathedrale Strasbourg

 Galla Theodosis Cathedrale Strasbourg