Millenium of Notre Dame de Strasbourg

(2014 – 2015)

Proposal for Liturgical dishes for the millenium of the Cathedral Notre-Dame de Strasbourg.

At the occasion of the millenium of Notre de Dame de Strasbourg, the Cathedral had a call-for-artists within the Haute École des Arts du Rhin to create exceptional liturgical dishes.

My designs were inspired by the stunning architecture of the church, between rayonnant gothic and romanesque styles.

The chalice is inspired by the facade of the building, all in superpositions : a delicate, lace-like structure which acts both as an ornament and as a support. The silver structure of the vessels also evokes the structure of stained glass, playing on the relationship between glass and metal; a reminder of the most distinctive element of all cathedrals : the rose window. Moreover, the ornamental motif symbolizes at the same time the drop of blood, the sacred fluid through which communion can be accomplished, and the act of sharing, the fraternal love which is the essence of communion. The lead-crystal bowl, tinted with a gradation of blue, continues the evocation of the stained glass windows : the blue color evokes both the protective Virgin of the Cathedral, and the heavens. This color is also a symbol of fidelity, chastity and faith. The gradient recalls the process of communion which, through the act of sharing, connects the faithful with the divine, connecting them little by little with the sacred. The foot of the chalice is also inspired by architectural and ornamental elements of the Cathedral, in particular the octagonal bases and capitals of the cathedral’s columns.

Even if this proposal wasn’t selected for the cathedral, it was made as a commission for the 25th anniversary of priesthood of Father J.-Y. Kling. You can learn more about his spiritual journey as a wandering priest here :