Paysage, de mémoire

Galla Theodosis Paysage, de mémoire


This installation delimitates a space between its different elements. Together, they create a dream-like landscape of floating rocks.

Roger Caillois compares contemplating the past to looking through a glass mountain. These glass elements encapsulate a familiar sensation : « that a reality no longer is what it was when it was; [and that] it cannot be reconstructed »*.

Even though their shape evokes the strength of rocks, the material they are made of, lead cristal, implies preciousness and fragility. Though their shapes come from blocks of plaster broken one by one with a chisel, only the cristal slumped over these piles remains, like a imprint, a blanket. The material reveals its fluidity during the process, it seems to be balancing, suspended in a motion.

These pieces stand as Vanitas. They embody the tensions around the most precious things; the ones we cherish but can never fully grasp : our memories.

*Milan Kundera, Ignorance